Like any other part of the world today, you must exercise caution. In Colombia there are go and no-go places. We will always do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of our valued travelers. For this reason, all our tours include insurance as a necessary precaution. Adventures sometimes have bumpy endings and we are here to help you avoid that.

90% of your safety is pegged to your own attitudes and behaviors. Always use situational awareness, secure your belongings and avoid lonely dark spaces. If you are torn between walking and taking a taxi – take a taxi. Avoid illegal activities and situations.

The US State Department considers the Coffee Region to be one of the safest parts of the country giving its own government personnel the green light to travel within the departments of Risaralda, Quindio and Caldas.

However, most parts of the country are also relatively safe for the average person, with the exception of certain specific areas which we will be avoiding.

The UK Government is a bit more specific in their hot-zone analysis and is probably a lot closer to giving more detailed information to evaluate. The issues in Colombia have always been associated with very specific areas and situations. A little bit of horse sense can protect you from most crime situations. Of course, the security concerns also seem to be part of the magic that keeps this destination still a very unique place to visit.


  • Tip: In Colombia, locals say “No Dar Papaya,” which is layman’s terms for “Don’t Give Advantage.” Like any tourist destination you may experience in other parts of the world, you must exercise caution. Avoid being alone in lonely, dark areas at night. Do not get into cars with people you don’t know, or go home with them. Trust your gut instinct. Avoid showing excessive wealth or flashing fancy watches.
  • Always ensure your valuables are secured on your person or in the hotel safe.
  • Be mindful of your personal belongings while out exploring.
  • Use situational awareness at all times.
  • Do not allow yourself to fall into a compromising situation such as lowered physical response due to excessive alcohol or drug consumption.
  • Do not participate in illegal activities.

Contact Information for Police and/or Medical Emergencies = Call 123