The biggest airports are those of Bogota (El Dorado International), and Medellin (Rio Negro). The other airports are varying sizes with some receiving international Flights and others with limited capacity due to weather conditions and population.


Most of the security process is similar to the US/Canada and Europe respectively. Small scissors, sharp things and liquids follow the same oversight. Most airports have metal detectors and recently security started requiring the removal of belt, shoes etc…


If you are flying within the country you should always plan to arrive an hour and a half early so you have time to check in and go through security. International flights require 2 to 3 hours prior arrival. While most of the time security moves fast compared to our home countries, on busy holidays things can get quite congested causing delays.


If you are going to areas that are less than 800 meters above sea level, you may be required to have a yellow fever vaccine. Some of the most common areas include Quibdo, Choco and the Amazon river region. If these rural areas are part of your itinerary, then having the proper vaccine can be a prerequisite for onward travel.