Guainia: Highlight of the Kingdom

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All about the Guainia: Highlight of the Kingdom.

The department of Guainia is one of Colombia’s most sparsely-populated and least visited regions – located in the dense Amazonian jungles of the east, on the border with Venezuela, the majority of the region is covered in dense jungle and crisscrossed by mighty rivers like the Orinoco, Atabapo, Guaviare, and Inirida, while most of the population is made up of distinct Indigenous groups such as the Puinave, Curripaco, and Sikuani.

  1. Day 1 Caño Culebra Trail

    This is a place of white sand close to Indira (just 15 minutes by land transfer), where a solitary road goes to indigenous communities, offers you a medium sized forest and some tall trees along the path. While you enjoy and travel through this ecosystem, you will be able to observe parrot and macaw species that day by day fly through the skies of this Orinoco-Amazonas region.

  2. Day 2 Black Lagoon & Sabanitas Community

    Reach the Black Lagoon, a nature reserve known for the dark color of its waters. This phenomenon, according to scientists, is due to the decomposition of leaves that descend through its water sources and are a refuge for the “Toninas” or River dolphins. Indigenous people of the community will teach you how to make some of their crafts and offer an inspiring cultural presentation.

  3. Day 3 Remanso Community & Mavicure Hills

    The community of Remanso stands as the guardian of the biggest emblem of the department, the imposing “Cerros de Mavicure”. A set of three mounds forming the Guyana Shield. In the worldview of the Puinaves, the Cerros de Mavicure represents the place where you can find different plants to be used as medicine, tree bark for the manufacture of hunting elements, as told by several legends that have happened there. While you wander down one of the Community paths you will discover the emblematic Inírida flower.

  4. Day 4 Caño Carbón

    On the Jipana path of the community of Sabanitas, a town belonging to the Curripacos ethnic group; you can identify the types of endemic palms of the Amazon, their use and importance, all while you enjoy the melodic sounds of the jungle. Oscar Yavinape, our community guide, will tell stories of their ancestors and will teach part of the activities carried out by the members of the community.