Gorgona Island Experience

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All about the Gorgona Island Experience.

Discover the hidden wonders of Gorgona Island on this unique four day ecotourism experience. Spot giant humpback whales, hundreds of species of colorful tropical fish, snakes, curious capuchin monkeys, and a bright blue lizard in the forgotten jungles of this mysterious former island prison in the Pacific Ocean.

Gorgona Island is not only one of Colombia’s most staggeringly biodiverse National Parks; it also has a fascinating and dark history encompassing shipwrecks, pirates, and an inescapable jungle prison!  Experience the world-famous nature that makes the Colombian Pacific one of the world’s most biodiverse regions.

  1. Day 1 Gorgona & The Old Prison

    Following an introdutory talk, you will have a guided tour of the ruins of the old prison, which opened in the 1950s and closed in 1984, and was home to some of Colombia’s most notorious criminals. The ruins have been reclaimed by the jungle, and it’s a unique experience wandering around the crumbling walls and exploring the former cells surrounded by some of Gorgona’s 14 species of bats, and the ever-present capuchin monkeys.

  2. Day 2 Exploring Gorgona

    After a morning snorkelling on Gorgona Island, hike through the jungles, making sure to keep an eye out for one of the many species of snakes that call the island home!
    On a full-loop of the island, you are extremely likely to encounter humpback whales, jumping from the water and slapping the surface with their fins and tails. Seeing these incredible creatures in such a wild and exotic place is one of Colombia’s top ecotourism experiences.

  3. Day 3 Beach Day

    After a walk through the jungle, you will reach Palmera Beach. It’s a long, wide beach fringed by palm trees and overlooking a beautiful turquoise bay and the small adjacent island of Gorgonilla. The choice is yours: sunbathe, swim in the ocean, or take a lazy stroll along the beach spotting bright red crabs, soaring seabirds, and, as always, humpback whales in the open ocean. Palmeras is easily one of Colombia’s most wild and beautiful beaches and you won’t want to leave when the time comes!

  4. Day 4 Return to Cali

    After a bright and early breakfast, it’s off back to Guapi on the 7am boat in time to catch your return flight to Cali.