Express Highlights

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All about the Express Highlights.

For those who have only got a little over a week to explore Colombia, and would like to explore three different locations, this is the highlight tour for you! Acquaint yourself with Colombia’s capital “Bogotá” first, with a day strolling/biking around the historic centre whilst sampling local street food. Next stop is Medellin, where you will not only learn about how this city overcame it’s dangerous past, but also explore a coffee farm & one of Colombia’s colorful villages, Guatapé. Last stop will be in the romantic city of Cartagena to learn about why this walled city is so important to Colombia and also spend a day relaxing on a nearby island.

  1. Day 1 Exploring the Capital

    Discover the interesting history and culture of La Candelaria, taste tropical fruits, witness Bogotá surprising urban renewal and get to know some of the people and colorful neighborhoods of Colombia’s capital. The best way to enjoy these experiences and see Bogotá and its people up close is by bicycle! In the evening, you will have the opportunity to dine at a locals house and ask them all those burning questions you have after your day of exploring while dining on a home cooked meal.

  2. Day 2 Medellin City Tour

    Your tour will begin with a Medellin city tour during which you will visit many of the city’s cultural and architectural highlights, including the Botero Park, where sculptures by Colombia’s most famous artist are on display, and the Lights Park, a unique series of light sculptures in a once no-go public space. An afternoon tour of Comuna 13 will give you the opportunity to meet with local community figures and learn about how the neighbourhood was brought back from the brink.

  3. Day 3 Coffee Coffee & more Coffee!

    This Medellín Coffee plantation tour is for those people who are interested in enjoying the most magnificent coffee scenery, and learning about the details of the coffee process from coffee berries to parchment coffee and from green coffee to roasted coffee beans. During the tour, you will learn all the steps involved for growing, harvesting and processing a coffee bean and will see first-hand what it takes to transform ripe coffee cherries to the finest cups of coffee in the world.

  4. Day 4 Colourful Guatapé

    Visiting one of the most unique ¨pueblos¨ (villages) in Colombia and the beautiful views from the top of the Rock of El Peñol makes this a must-see tour destination. Enjoy colorful farmland in the proximity of El Peñol as a mouth-opener to wonderful views that you will get from the Rock. The climb offers 360 degree breathtaking views of the surrounding areas. But if you’re not into climbing stairs, we will spend extra time exploring the colorfully painted facades (zócalos) of Guatapé’s houses and walking along the waterfront in town.

  5. Day 5 Unleash the Secrets of the Walled City

    The city of Cartagena was declared a UNESCO Heritage site in 1984 and is one of the most recognized cities in all of Latin America for its colorful diversity and architectural conservation. Our Cartagena city walking tour takes you through the beautiful old town of the city with our historian guide. You will visit all of the main sites as well as learn about the past and modern day of this gorgeous and fascinating city. Your guide will also focus on the architecture, art, music, food and culture. This tour can be catered to anything you’d like, just let us know!

  6. Day 6 Island Relaxing

    Spend the day relaxing in a picture-perfect beach chair with turquoise waters at your feet. The location of this tropical bliss, is the idyllic Blue Apple Beach House, an exclusive private beach club. It also features an excellent restaurant that serves fresh, local seafood dishes to tantalize your palate. Lounge by the pool in a hammock, sample some cocktails at the bar, or enjoy a rejuvenating beachside massage. You can even take a dip in the blue Caribbean waters: the choice is all yours.