Discover Manizales

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All about the Discover Manizales.

Looking for the coffee culture vacation of your dreams? Known as “the city of open doors,” Manizales is famous for its friendly yet polite local vibe. Climb to the top of Colombia’s tallest cathedral. Spend your time soaking up stunning Andean mountain scenery as you hike out in the forest. Later, spend an afternoon drinking world-class coffee.

You will take a Manizales city tour followed by a night at a luxury hotel – be sure to get a good night’s sleep! On the second day, you will hike in Parque de Los Nevados followed by relaxation in volcanic thermal baths. That night you will spend the night at an authentic coffee farm.

Come Discover Manizales.

  1. Day 1 Manizales City Tour

    For the first day of the tour You will explore the city of Manizales. The trip will include stops at the dramatic Monument to the Colonizers sculpture, Chipre neighbourhood (where you will enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view over the Caldas mountains), and the historical centre of the city. Your Manizales experience will finish at the top of the city’s most iconic building: the Manizales Cathedral.

  2. Day 2 Los Nevados National Park & Thermal Baths

    It’s an early start on this wonderful day-trip into the high mountains of the Central Andes, where you will discover the magical ecosystems of the paramo, relax in natural thermal baths, and enjoy close-up sightings of some of Colombia’s coolest birds.
    The drive through the National Park passes through some of Colombia’s best preserved paramo, a stunningly biodiverse ecosystem of high-altitude moorland unique to northern South America.

  3. Day 3 Coffee Experience

    Head out on a private coffee tour with a farm’s expert guide: learn the ins-and-outs of coffee production, pick your own beans, before enjoying a delicious coffee tasting session. Following a traditional lunch, you will have the afternoon free for hiking through the coffee plantations, perhaps watching the birds feeding on bananas from your hammock, or taking a refreshing dip in the pool. Of course, you could always spend the afternoon drinking more delicious coffee: you’ll never have a fresher cup!