A vast, grassland plain which is located on the eastern side of Colombia and above the region of the Amazon, the Orinoquia is one of the five that belongs to the Orinoco River. It is coined as the ‘Eastern Plains’ or the Llanos Orientales in Spanish. The departments of Meta, Arauca, Casanare and Vichada make up the stunning landscape of this region.
The Eastern Plains are home to some large land mammals such as jaguars, tapirs, ocelots, capybaras, white-tailed deer, oumas and anteaters.
The Plains are a spectacular destination in Colombia for many reasons, including the vast array of wildlife encounters, spectacular landscapes, unique culture and the awe inspiring sunsets and sunrises.

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Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: Safari in Casanare, Hato La Aurora, Reserva de Guanapalo