Colombia offers a diverse range of Islands from the typical white sand Caribbean to a lush jungle paradise off the Pacific Coast, there is something for all types of island lovers.
Off the Caribbean coast close to Cartagena you will find the Rosario Islands which are popular for day trippers, snorkeling & diving enthusiasts, sport fishing or just relaxing in a hammock with a cocktail after a relaxing massage. The closest island to Cartagena is Tierra Bomba with some beautiful beaches and only a 30 minute boat ride if you prefer a quick day trip.

A rather stark contrast to the white sanded Caribbean Islands are the islands off the Pacific Coast of Colombia, most of which are black sanded and are brimming with unique flora & fauna in the dense jungle. Isla Gorgona is a popular spot and if you are there between July & October you might be lucky to spot (and hear) a whale or two off in the distance. The Islands of San Andres and Providencia which belong to Colombia are actually situated closer to the coast of Nicaragua and 750kms north of Colombia. San Andres is immensely popular with Colombian tourists; however, Providencia is really the star of the two islands.

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Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: San Andres, Providencia