Colombia’s Coffee Region is set amidst rolling, lush hills and features colonial architecture, friendly locals and wonderful cultural heritage.

Among the beautiful landscapes are small heritage towns where you will experience Colombian slow small town vibes at their finest as well as many authentic working coffee farms where one can stay to slow down and enjoy the coffee and nature.
Apart from small towns and coffee farms there are many nature reserves, National Parks and wonderful ways to explore the region on foot, bike and jeep, accompanied by a local guide.

The three main cities are Manizales, Pereira and Armenia but the best areas to visit are the lush coffee farms with beautiful natural scenery where you’ll learn all about the coffee making process. Some of the beautiful small towns to see are Pijao, Salento, Salamina and Jardin.

The San Vicente natural hot springs are one of the most stunning in the area and there are ample amounts of waterfalls, nature walks, hiking and biking opportunities scattered throughout the region. The Los Nevados National Park is there for those looking to challenge themselves in this natural wonderland full of glaciers, lakes, forests, varied terrain, and snowcapped volcanoes.

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Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: Manizales, Salento, Coffee Culture